Shared Notebook not able to open in desktop app

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So I started sharing my notebook with a friend and he was able to add it to his OneNote. He clicked on my share-link and on the webpage was a button to open it in the desktop app.

Now we started working on a project he saves on his notebook, so he wanted to share it like I did with mine. He gave me the same link I gave him, but I dont get the prompt to open it in a desktop app.

Microsoft Tech Support couldn't help me.

We tried the following:

checking if the account I used was the one that was the notebook shared for(link was for everybody, not account limited)


link granted me editing right and not only viewing rights(as I can edit the notebook of him online however i want)


pasting the link into onenote 2016 manually


not showing up under shared notebook in onedrive(others do!)


logging off every other account in my apps(both onenote for windows 10 and onenote 2016)


tried using my personal account and my business account, same problem


tried using different pcs, surface, other laptop, and desktiop pc(all different accounts tested)


As I tried everything obvious already, please skip the basic stuff and help me with a real solution on how it works.



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