Shared Licensing and Co-authoring

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We have Office 365 pro plus with Semi-annual targeted channel (Version 1803 Build 9126.2191 C2R) installed on a session host.  If we install it with the shared licensing model we are not allowed to do co-authoring. If we switch it to user licensed we are able to do co-authoring. 


I am not able to find any documentation on whether co-authoring is not allowed in the shared licensing, but is this a restriction?  Thanks!

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I also haven't run into any documents mentioning such limitation. Open a support case to get a proper answer?

Hello, the share mode activation of Office 365 ProPlus has to do with the option that each user logging in to the RDS Session Hosts must have an account in Office 365 with the Office ProPlus right, so each session activates the use with a Token during the session and does not discount the number of activations, which are 5.
Now, for co-authoring, what is required is that the document is located in a shared repository such as SharePoint or OneDrive, enabling modification and tracking of changes to the document.
That's how I would see him, please confirm me if this works for you this way.

I work with Ben and I can verify that we are saving files to either OneDrive personal locations or to Sharepoint libraries. 


So, to re-state, if we install Office C2R in shared licensing mode using ODT, co-authoring does not work, even using the latest semi-annual channel (targeted) build. If we install without using the ODT tool and instead install the C2R version from the website from someone's account, co-authoring works.