Shared Calendar Events on personal calendar

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Hello,  my department has a master calendar for daily events.  This calendar is shared with all staff members.  The events on that shared calendar are showing up in my personal calendar.  How do I disable this and have my personal calendar show only my events?   Thanks.

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@Vasil Michev  Hi, unfortunately, that is not it.  The calendars are side by side, but the events from the shared still show on my personal calendar.   Thanks.

Are you saying that they are actually being delivered to your mailbox?
The events show up in my mailbox and on my calendar. Are those linked (i.e. if I receive the email it auto generates on my calendar and to stop it I would have to block those emails?) Thanks.
They are, yes. Instead of blocking them, find out why they are being sent to you in the first place - talk with whoever set the calendar up. Depending on the type of calendar, you might be added as delegate, or "subscribed" to it, etc.