Setting default location for Web Notes in Edge..

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Does anybody know how to do this? I'm running Windows 10 with Office 2016 Pro and am using OneNote 2016 desktop app, as apposed to the Windows store version. I want to send my webnotes to the 2016 desktop version - is this possible?

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When you Share a Web Note in Edge you share to the OneNote "metro" app, yes. You can only share to Modern apps, and OneNote 2016 is a classic ole Windows executable, and cannot be shared to.

BUT - does that matter? Both Metro OneNote and OneNote 2016 uses the same underlying data, so within secods of sharing to Metro OneNote it is synced to your OneNote 2016...

Thank you - I think part of the problem I have is with Sync not working properly and with the metro app seemingly corrupting from time to time. I quite often have to 'reset' the metro app and re-connect my notebooks from OneDrive. When I do that, it'll usually then sync any web notes across.