Servicing Profile updating devices even in the Exclude group and not working according to settings

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Servicing Profile is not behaving as expected

  • Devices in the Exclusion group are being updated
  • Some devices which were 32bit, have been changed to 64bit
  • Devices listed in Overview and Devices tabs do not match the total in the groups in the included section, and the total number listed in Overview and Devices tabs keeps changing 

  • Devices are still updating after hitting Pause 4 days ago
  • Devices on the semi-annual channel are deselected but are still being updated to the monthy channel
  • "Exclude devices with Add-ins" is selected but these devices are still being updated
  • How do we reverse or stop devices being updated with, for example, 32bit semiannual devices which have now been updated to the monthly channel (which are in an Exclusion group), need to be reverted to the Semiannual channel 
    if devices suddenly appear in the Devices tab as  "in Progress" how can we cancel the update from (these devices are also already in the Exclusion group)?
  • Any help appreciated @Martin Nothnagel?
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Hi @stevejb 


Based on the items you've listed, there appears to be a few different things going on. For example, Servicing Profiles has no control over 32-bit > 64-bit changes. However, it would still be good to dive in on the other areas. If you haven't already, please navigate over to the "Monthly Enterprise" page under Servicing and click on the "Give Feedback" button. Include all the relative info and a contact email if you'd like to hear back from the team.