Servicing Monthly Enterprise works somewhat

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We have 7,5k devices in our M365 app admin center and have an active service plan for Monthly Enterprise across all devices and we've checked everything from Semi Annual Targeted to Current Channel Preview.


Despite this, we are seeing a very high number of builds. Right now we're at 27 different builds where the majority is older than Monthly. There seems be always be about 350 devices never getting updated each month despite being targeted.


Is it possible to troubleshoot why certain devices aren't being updated? We have no reported issues under the profile.

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Hi Pal,

I would recommend checking a few conditions first: Go to the Servicing Profile, tab "device", create a custom filter to show devices in status "Not started" only. Once the list has loaded (this should be your ~350 stuck devices), open the details pane for 5-10 of them and verify three things:

- Last seen: Has the device been online after the last patch Tuesday? If not, there is no way those devices could receive update commands from the service.
- Version: Are those devices at least on version 2008 for Office? This is the minimum version we need for Servicing Profiles. If devices has been downgraded/rolled back, they might be on too low versions.
- Free storage: Does the devices have at least 5GB free disk space (assuming you did not change the free disk threshold)?

I would check for these three things on a couple of devices. If you have devices which passes all three checks, please use the in-page feedback button to reach out to us, mentioning this conversation.

Hi Martin. I checked and all 3 things are ok. I used the feedback button. Hope to hear from you!