Seeking Contemporary Desktop Version of OneNote

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I'm seeking desperately without success to find a desktop version of OneNote.  The version that ships with O365 is stunted, e.g., lacking Office AutoCorrect integration & has no text-from-image capability. 


My OS is Win10, I'm running O365.  My OneNote is Version 16001.11929.20170.0, labeled "OneNote" without any other qualification.


I've seen articles contrasting "OneNote" vs. the desktop "OneNote 2016", but I'm unable to find a contemporary desktop version.  My licensed Win10 does NOT have "OneNote for Windows 10".  And I can't seem to find a download. 


I've been an avid user of OneNote since it was in beta.  It's unbelievable that I can't find what I need, yet my efforts have been in vain.  Let me know if you need additional clarity.  Thanks for your help.


Jimmy May aka AspiringGeek

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