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In Outlook 2016 running on Windows, I was able to hit Ctrl + K to do a lookup in the directory when I'm in the "to" email field and it'd find all the names matching. Now I'm using Outlook 2016 for Mac and I'm unable to find the keyboard shortcut that'll allow me to search the directory when I'm in the "to" field. Can someone help?

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You can use "COMMAND + 0" (that's 3 keys together) to open a search window for directory lookup.
Thanks! Is there an auto-resolve sort of option where I type in an individuals name and it autocompletes to that person's email automatically?
Somewhat. As a default setting Outlook should give you the matching list once you start typing some characters in the "To" field. That list initially consists from your contacts, however as you send/receive emails it gets updated with the recent addresses. I don't believe that auto-complete option would do a directory search for you though.

@Ahmad Kakar I had the same problem! Made me crazy. But I figured it out - start typing, then press the down arrow key to highlight  "Search Directory" field, press ENTER, and it will search for what you typed. Then, either keep typing or use the arrow keys to select. When the right recipient is highlighted, press ENTER. If the right recipient is already selected the first time you press enter, just press enter again.


That field will slowly populated with your most contacted recipients, which will autocomplete without resorting to a directory search.