Script to automatic download for Setup.exe

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Is there a scripts which automatically downloads the Setup.exe of Office ProPlus.


J. M.

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Not aware of a specific script but do check out Office IT Pro Deployment Script project and see if there is anything of interest.


Just generally, the Office 2016 Deployment Tool (ODT), can be downloaded from here and easily configured with the new Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run app, plus additional deployment guidance here.



I have developed a script for my personal use which is menu driven and has a number of good features. I can possibly share offline 


One of the good features is that you can download the Office Deltas using preconfigured xml files I have stored on a FTP site straight to your client machine. 

Or you can script the download of the setup.exe using the following


# Download Official Deployment Tool
$DeploymentTool = "$env:USERPROFILE\Downloads\officedeploymenttool.exe"
$SourceDeployment = ''


# Script Execution

$client = new-object -TypeName System.Net.WebClient

I was going to mention your script, as I remembered it from this post but when I went back to it and checked the link, it was offline.  It would be great if you could add it to say TechNet Gallery, I'm sure it would get a lot of interest, though I understand if that's not what you are after.

I have no plans to share on Technet but made it available on my OneDrive.!AhKyKXN1ytefuuVbzQ6yHAV0DRHGFQ


Planning on making some future tweaks to the script over the next couple of weeks.



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Thank you very much for your Inputs. Great!

I will have a look.