Saving documents on flash drive.

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When using the word online, can I save the documents on a flash drive instead of one drive?

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No, you can only save the documents online, to OneDrive or SharePoint site.

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Yes you can... but you need to download the file first.


Go to File, > Save As > Download a Copy (Which will then download a copy to your machine/device)


Locate the downloaded copy and then you can transfer the file to the flash-drive using

Copy + Paste

Cut + Paste

Drag + Drop


Any files stored on the Flash-drive will not be able to be shared.

@Vasil Michev It should be a choice to save documents in other place since the web version of office is only online and might need the documents offline.

@AlexWaterton I will try that suggestion. If I save it to the flash drive, does it have to be opened in the web version of office or still need the software version?