Resource collection for the Learn OneNote Conference Nov 12-17

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The Learn OneNote Conference hosted by Jared DeCamp starts tomorrow, Saturday Nov 12 and lasts until Thursday Nov 17. Access is free but requires registration.


Here is a link to a resource collection about the conference hosted on It contains links to all the promotion materials for the Learn OneNote Conference:




I hope you like it. Please feel free to share the link or links to any of the individual resources with your followers. The conference is already very popular, but we’d love it if you would help spread the news! On social media we use the hashtag #ONconf2016.


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Marjolein Hoekstra

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very interisting videos (once you were registred) and documents about how people are using onenote in so many different ways !

@Marjolein Hoekstra Thanks for everything you do for the OneNote Community. Happy New Year.  Side rave - I like how Edge Collections can be exported to OneNote.