Reinstall OneNote for Windows 10

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Unfortunately, I have accidentally uninstalled OneNote for Windows 10 and now I can only find the old version for OneNote to be installed. Where is it possible to download OneNote for Windows 10?

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Hi @Gregi_G 


You should be able to install from the Windows Store

Thanks! Indeed the OneNote from Office 365 from my University subscription was in the old layout and on the Microsoft store the OneNote was in the new layout (OneNote for Windows 10) but both were named OneNote which was confusing to me.
I tried, but it always stays at 90% and doesn't finish; I have restarted the pc and it is still the same, it does not let me uninstall to try, no matter how much I give it to uninstall, the app icon is still in the menu

I have the same problem although it was not due to an uninstall, I simply tried to use OneNote for Windows 10 client, it tried to do an update and keeps failing.  It cannot be re-installed from Windows Store.   The Windows 10 client offers a sorting feature that is not found on the Windows 365 installed version.  Really want to get the OneNote for Windows 10 re-installed.  Any help?