Really strange "graphics" issue in PowerPoint

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I have a single, brand new, Lenovo t14s with AMD CPU, where the user is experiencing strange graphics behaviour in PowerPoint. Randomly elements (icons, text boxes, images etc.) on the slide becomes invisible / hidden, like a big white box. You cant select anything in the box or move the elements. When the user goes one slide forward and then returns, the sections / elements are visible again.

I have tried to update the AMD graphics drivers to the newest. Disabled hardware graphics acceleration in settings. Made a quick repair of Office. Made a web repair of Office (states it should resolve all errors)

We are running O365 Business Premium and using the Enterprise monthly release channel.

The computer is 3 weeks old, we have other af the same model, but haven't heard from any other user about issues like this.

Have any of you seen an issue like this and know of a fix? - I can't seem to find anything on google.


I have attached a screenshot of the issue, where there should have been a lot of content on the slide, but instead is a big white box.

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