Question on Microsoft Bookings

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Hi Community, 


One of our customer has a below query:


- In customer org users have Microsoft 365 E3 Licensing

- Customer would like to utilise the Booking App for desk booking – they have created a front page for this that users can access and use.

- The question is about admin permissions – let's say User 1 has created the booking system via the app but User 1 needs to share admin permissions to x2 of his team – at present User 1 cannot do this.

- So how can User 1 share calendar visibility and admin permissions to x2 members of his team?

- If the above is not possible, User 1 will need to create a new user for this specific use – what is the lowest grade licence that has access to the bookings app?


Could anyone advise on whether it is possible to share these admin permissions or will they need another licence? If so, what is the lowest grade licence that gives access to bookings app?


Any reference would be of great help. Thanks!

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You should be able to add additional admins using this:
Everyone with a mailbox is eligible.