ProPlus daily connection to Office Licensing Service - lf Powershell cmdlets

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Hi!  Regarding this article, which describes ProPlus' daily process that connects to the Office Licensing Service:  Is there a way to connect to this log via Powershell? If so, which module?


I'm grasping at straws, hoping I can find some info that would be useful in understanding an approximate last usage date.  (The above mentioned connection needs to succeed at least once per month and that's as near as I need.)  I'm trying to find a solution that would reconcile licenses for clients, and if the clients are still being used.  



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I dont believe there are any PowerShell cmdlets, the Telemetry agent reports usage and inventory data for all Office clients.


So might be a potential soultion.

Thank you! I landed on this link shortly after I posted my question and wondered about it. I'll take a closer look.