Prohibit "Share" of OneNote Notebook


I have a OneNote notebook that is within SitePages in a SharePoint site. The SharePoint site is provisioned for members and visitors, however, any member that opens OneNote is able to use OneNote's built-in share option to share the file with anyone externally. I then tried uploading the OneNote to a Document Library that only contained this file and permission the document library to sever rights from only permission to a few people that have access to the SharePoint document library, however, a user was able to open OneNote and share the file with an outside person who doesn't have access to the SharePoint site or the OneNote. What are my options to ensure the OneNote notebook can not be shared with anyone besides those with access to the SharePoint site or even better, locked down to most of the SharePoint members with only a few of the members having edit rights, the rest viewing rights and NO one with rights to Share?

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