Problem with PDF Files in latest built of Office Online Server (OOS)


I have an customer in the industry which has a huge amount of PDF files which are generated by a 3rd party system. These are product instructions with a lot of pictures inside and they have about 25mb each. Since years they are using Sharepoint and Office Web Apps and now OOS to display these PDF files in the Browser to avoid, that a user have to download them.


Since the last release of OOS 16.0.8471.8525 a lot of files do not get displayed anymore and some crash after using them for about 2min. In the logs there are no specific entries visible and the files are locked then in the cache. Furthermore also PDF Files from various unknown sources do not work anymore. In the previouse version 16.0.7766.8550  the files mostly work fine.


If I download one PDF convert it to Word and then convert it back again to PDF it works. But the customer cannot do this with 10 files and with files from other companies. What I also noticed is that Word is using a much older version of PDF protocol, when converting files. Adobe Indesign and other vendors use a much newer standard.


As MS Support is not willing to help me, as they say the files are generated by a 3rd party system, I would ask the community to help me. Do you guy made the same experience or encounter similar problems with PDf files. What PDF protocol version is supported by MS, as they only write PDF in their documentation?


Thank you for your help!

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Hi Janko,

I don't have a fix for this issue however we have a product that might help your client.  Live Publish for Word ( available in the Office Store.

It's a new add-in model add-in that uses cloud services to publish their Word content to either HTML, DOCX or PDF in to SharePoint, directly from Word.   Our new panel (not in the store yet) also supports publishing to SharePoint Modern pages. 

You simply load the document in Word, load the panel, pick the document type you wish publish (HTML, Modern page, DOCX or PDF), select your SharePoint site, and publish.  

It is specifically built for scenarios like the one your customer has and does it all so easily from within Word (supports Word Online as well because it's the new add-in model).

Cheers, Rick

We do not use Word for automated generation of 5000 documents. Please put your advertisment elsewhere.