Problem with migrating 2010 Notebooks to OneDrive / OneNote online

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Dear fellows,


my company finally decided to switch from Office 2010 to Office 365. I had a lot of 2010 notebooks on my hard drive. I copied the complete notebook folder to my OneDrive. After refreshing the browser it switched my old notebook files to one new file. I could open them again and was happy that it is that easy. Few days later I tried it again, but it did not work till today. I have the old 2010 notebook with several files in one folder and cannot open the notebook online. When I click the "notebook.onetoc" file I get an error message that it cannot be opened. I cannot find a solution. My old 2010 OneNote client cannot be connected online. I found a thread with an "OneNote Importer" - this doesn´t work as well. Maybe you had the same task, I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

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Ok, unfortunately no one had an advise so far. So I found a way to solve it - maybe its not the best way but it works for me. Hopefully it helps other people:


1. Save your 2010 Notebookfolder to ypur Desktop

2. Get an OneNote 2016 Desktop App

3. Open your 2010 Notebook from your local folder

4. Now change the saving location from your local drive to your personal OneDrive

5. Through moving your old folder to OneDrive you get the actual format (single file instead of folders)

6. Now you can relocate your file e.g. to a Team an can invite your colleagues again.


As said, this is maybe not the best way, but the only way I could solve my problem. Hopefully it helps other people who are looking for a solution.