Prevent resharing of OneNote files

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I feel like maybe I'm missing something obvious, but is there any setting in OneNote or OneDrive/SharePoint that can prevent the re-sharing of files.  It seems odd that this is the default behavior.  If I share a OneNote with person A should they really be able to share with person B who I have no affiliation with and no knowledge that the file was re-shared?  Can a person with only read access re-share the file as well? 

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Hi Luke!


So I'm not sure if this will help you out but look at this:


I would probably invite people to see your notebook with an email message generated by OneNote. I believe you have more restrictions doing it that way.


You can generate a link to your notebook so others can view or edit it. If someone forwards the link to another person, they will also be able to see your notebook.


Hi @Luke Hoffman

Generally speaking, SharePoint (as the name implies...) is geared towards sharing, rather than preventing it. Nevertheless, it is indeed possible to prevent resharing at a global level. See

However, OneNote sharing does not use the general sharing mechanism, meaning that OneNote items are not shared as files. OneNote uses, instead, its own "internal" sharing mechanism, which is independent of the general SharePoint sharing mechanism, and, AFAIK, OneNote has not an option to prevent resharing.



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To add to Salvatore's post, if you give read access, the user can not share with others. To be safe, the owner should check sharing permissions often on a shared notebook