PowerPoint on M1 Mac does not work properly

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I hope you are all well.

I have been using an M1 MacBook for several months now. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing significant issues with PowerPoint. Some functions do not work. Among them are objects arrangement, object alignment, and object grouping as well as making text bold, in italics, or aligned. I have been using Teams or the browser version to make those edits, but I am sick of it. Today, I reinstalled the app but the bugs remain. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Hi @Christian...just bought a Macbook pro with M1...I work a lot with powerpoint and these functions you mention are key to me, on a daily basis...started having this issues yesterday and just found your post...let me know if you were able to resolve...if not I will just return the MAC and buy one with INTEL! how is this even possible? crazy that this hasn't been resolved yet...