People card missing information in Office 365 apps

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Hi all

I've have some issue with the people card in all outlook 365 apps for computer of my company

In web version, I have no issue, it's displaying information like the picture, the membership, everything is correct



WHile if i try to show the same in any of the 365 apps installed on my computer, it didn't manage to retrieve the picture, the membership and so on




We are using a proxy and i've put all exeption I could present in the documentation of Microsoft. I also found a tools to generate a PAC file for office 365 but it didn't change.

I try to found what could be the url joined for that ( not sure if I use fiddler correclty).


When I installed Office 365 on my non-company laptop and connect with my company email, here people cards are working correclty, so it's not a tenant issue but something in our setting.

Also GPO are the same for laptop and desktop but desktop in our building are showing the information correclty so it must be the proxy pac or something else.


The GAL is working correclty and showing picture. 

I don't know anymore where to look or which direction to go to find a fix.

Is there somewhere documentation/a tool to verify what could be the issue?


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Ja Mam Outlook 365 zsynchronizowany z Pocztą dla Windows 10 działa bardzo dobrze ! - nie obsługuje tylko OneDrive żeby pobrać i wysłać chmury
ale pozostałe funkcje działają niezawodnie !
Aplikacja Poczta dla Windows 10 potwierdza kontakty i listy kontaktów niezawodnie ! - jeżeli się zsynchronizuje z kontem służbowym !
Warto spróbować - jeżeli będzie to pomocne to proszę o polubienia !
dziękuję ja nie piszę poangielsku - przepraszam
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Solved with the help of Mcirosoft Support.
The configuration was done on to allow picture to be downloaded. Despite what was written in the documentation, it didn't overwrite each time old GPO.
the "Do not download photos from active directory" should be deleted, even if pictures are on azure AD.