Parsing OneNote documents - having trouble getting to the text within the doc. Need help with specs

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I am creating a parser for the .one file extension, which when finished I will add to the Apache Tika project.


Here is the APL 2.0 licensed Open Source project I'm creating:


I used the specification document here:


As a starting point, I ported over the code from this open source C++ project:


I have gotten a long way in the parsing of the documents, but I've hit a road block.


Here is the OneNote file I'm using to parse:


I am unable to view the Section1TextArea1 and Section1TextArea2 in my parsed results. So I'm missing some sort of key data parsing element or something.




It is definitely in the OneNote file itself. I can see it in the Hex viewer:



Here is the JSON parse output:


I am clearly just failing to understand a key part of the MS-ONE and MS-ONESTORE specs that are resulting in me missing in some key data. I feel like I'm properly reading these elements.


Are there any community members out there that know the specs well enough to help me figure out what I'm missing that is causing me to miss the critical chunks of data?

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I figured it out by myself. It was just a matter of missing some properties that had the key text in it.