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I've been trying for well over a year now to fix my numbers but everything that I've done has failed. When I put in format and start from 1 this is what happens. When I put continue from previous page the first page will start at 1 but the next page (i.e the second page) will be numbered at 3. I don't understand why this won't stop happening. I've changed users, I've reset the PRAM on my mac, I've made sure my mac is up to date as well as the word updates and still nothing. I've tried the line break, which does work but then I have an awkward blank page and the document starting on the next page which I have done before and just converted it to a PDF and removed the first awkward blank page but there has to be a fix better than that.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 11.44.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 11.57.59 PM.png


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Hi @jamieschwenger ,

No Mac here, but I'd advise to print to a PDF file to see if the numbers are what you see in Word.

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^ Have you tried that yet. There are a few sort of hidden things with page numbers. I've had to deal with this before. Basically sounds like your header page break info is messed up.


It's more or less the same process for restarting page numbers, or fixing the current page numbers. 

Yes, it still shows up the same

Hi @jamieschwenger

Make sure non printing characters are visible (

Are there page breaks or section breaks where you see those phantom pages?

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