Override Office Apps from Office 365 University to Office 365 Enterprise!!!

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I previously had installed on my computer the office apps (Word,Excel,PowerPoint, Outlook) having used my University Account, now I work, and my company just purchased an Office 365 E5 License Subscription and I want to stop using the office apps which are property of my college account and instead install the apps again but from my E5 company subscription.


I already did the process of erasing the office apps (From University) and installed from my company portal the Office 365 ProPlus to my computer, but when I open the apps and go to the tab "About this Outlook" it stills says that the app belongs to my college account. So then I did a little research and saw a post that said that I needed to sign in to my college account and deactivate the Office apps connected to my device from there and supposedly everything would work just fine when I re-installed the office apps but from my company account , so I did that, but when doing the process again an open, let's say Word, it stills says that it belongs to my college account, and now I don't know what else to do. 


Could someone help me if they have experienced this issue and successfully deployed their office apps?

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This has already been answered so you should perhaps delete this post? :)