Outlook 2019 for Mac, Cannot add Shared Calendars

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Fresh Office for Mac 2019 install on a brand-new MacBook Pro 16" running macOS Catalina 10.15.3, and the Office apps are up to date.


Whenever the user clicks the Open Shared Calendar button in Outlook, searches for a calendar, selects it, and clicks the Open button, the calendar does not get added, but there are no errors- just nothing happens. The Open Calendar dialog just goes away like it normally would after clicking the Open button, but the new calendar does not show up.


I have set up several Macs in the past 4 months with the same version of Office for Mac, and this is the first time I've run into this issue, and I am at a loss as to what could be causing this, and I'm not sure where to even begin. I'm guessing it's purely a local installation issue and not related to the user's AD or Exchange account. We're in the middle of an Office365 email migration, but this user's department has not been migrated yet so they're still on-prem, and there isn't anything significantly different about this user's account compared to the others. 


Has anyone else ever ran into this issue? A web search wasn't very helpful, with most of the results involving issues with permission errors with calendars. I've tried removing the account from Outlook and re-adding it, and this did nothing. I'm also not sure where all to look for leftover files if I have to resort to deleting Office from this Mac and reinstalling.

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I have ran into this same exact issue yesterday, and have been trying everything I can to fix it. I have the same scenario as you, with an on-prem installation of Exch 2016. I'm assuming there was an update recently that broke this? Your post was the only thing I've found referencing this problem.