Ongoing syncing issues with OneNote for Mac/PC client on Singapore Yellowstone db

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We are located in Guangzhou China outside Hong Kong. All users are on the Singapore Yellowstone DB. For the past two weeks, many users, including our tech team, cannot get the OneNote client for Mac and PC to all. We are using a VPN to Hong Kong and even when routing all traffic over it, this failure to sync any Onenote still occurs. We have uninstalled the OneNote client on the Macs and it still happens for many but not all users. We run 15.20,30 and 31. Even if we uninstall and reinstall, immediadtely we run into Can't Sync errors. Insider Release 15.32 for Mac does the same thing. We can replicate it on a Mac or a PC.


If users go into OneNote online and add content, things sync as expected. So we are approaching dead in the water with the client. Have submitted tickets on O365 service portal. This is the response we got:


"Thanks for your information. Except the network issue, if the notebook cache file has some problem and it will also lead the sync issue. This is why I suggest you to close the notebook in the client, and then re-sync the notebook from online to rebuild a new notebook cache file. Additionally, we did not receive any information about office 365 server issue and also did not get any issues same with yours until now. Therefore we can confirm that this is not the server issue."



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I have been having syncing issues with OneNote on my Mac computer for about three weeks now. I would like to ask what kind of error messages you get (if any) while trying to sync. For me, it is usually either 0xE4010640 or 0xE4010641. As you're saying, things added via OneNote on Mac are synced to the cloud, but the syncing process always fails.

Is there a chance you are getting the same error messages?