OneNote Win10 runs normally on laptop, but has laggy drawing after plugging second monitor

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 I have a simple drawing tablet, and it functions well with OneNote Windows 10 when I'm using just the laptop screen and drawing on it. No problems there.


But when I plug in an external second monitor and draw on it there, there is subtle but noticeable drawing lag with every movement I make, making it so that I have to constantly wait for the program to finish drawing the stroke I drew before I keep going.


For more specifics: this only happens on OneNote for Windows 10. When I use OneNote 2016, the drawing lag on the second monitor is not present anymore, and feels snappy and responsive as usual. It seems to be a specific problem to OneNote Windows 10, which is unfortunate as I am a lot more used to that version and like it slightly more.


My laptop screen is 144 Hz whereas my external monitor is 60Hz. At first I thought it was just the 60Hz feeling slower than the 144Hz, but the fact that OneNote 2016 feels almost exactly as responsive and snappy as normal makes me doubt this, which is why I am confused.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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