OneNote UWP - Finding Local Notebooks to move

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My organisation (5000 users) had made a decision to move from OneNote 2016 to OneNote UWP.  We are trying to work out the best way to move notebooks from local storage to OneDrive.  It doesn't appear that doing so automatically is achievable.  The next best method looks like using OneNote UWP to find local notebooks to move to OneDrive.


The trouble is that OneNote UWP is not finding the local notebooks as described in this article -


I have logged a call with Microsoft and they have said that OneNote UWP is "hardcoded" to find local notebooks in the default location only, I.E. c:\users\username\documents\onenote notebooks.  I have tried this but still no luck and MS seem to be out of ideas. 


Are there any other caveats that might prevent OneNote UWP from finding local notebooks to move?  Are there any other methods that we could use?  Obviously automated is preferable but if this has to be done per user then it must be simple to follow, example, this share method wouldn't be suitable -



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