OneNote tabs in Teams without OneDrive

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My OneNote tabs in Teams will no longer connect to the notebooks stored in SharePoint (I can click the link and open in browser but they do not appear in the tab) and it will not let me add any new OneNote tabs unless the notebook is in OneDrive, or at least while I do not have OneDrive. Our organization does not use OneDrive. I assume the problem started with a recent change to the GCC tenant, so my question is how do I tell Teams that we don't want to use OneDrive and go back to looking for notebooks in the SharePoint site, especially the default notebook in the Site Assets folder.

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Just adding a "me too" on this one. It also affects the Graph API for notebooks ( returns a 404)
I think this might be bigger than OneNote. We just had a user report that she can't save a graph in Excel because the Visio template it is using to create the graphic insists that it can't save without OneDrive.
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This is "magically" fixed for me now. Both the API requests and adding a notebook in Teams are working now. Looks like a bug slipped out that they must have squashed.
Working now for me too.