OneNote Tab in Teams Error Response: OneDrive for Business for this user account cannot be retrieved

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Three days ago (8/13/21) I had a OneNote tab in one of my Teams.  (I created the Team three months ago for a meeting group and I maintain the OneNote linked to the Team.)  This morning (8/16/21), a co-worker with access to the team said she was getting the following error: 

"Error Response: OneDrive for Business for this user account cannot be retrieved.
Error Code: 30108".  I AM able to open this OneNote through the Files>OneDrive option on the left menu in Teams.
I am also receiving this error and after checking my other Teams that have an OneNote tab, I cannot access any of them either (all have the same error).  In another team, in which I am not the creator nor the manager of the OneNote, I get this error: "We couldn't find your notebook. It may have been moved/deleted, or you may have lost access to it.  Error Response: OneDrive for Business is not provisioned for this user.  Error Code: 30105"  Incidentally, it WILL allow me to open it through the 'button' in the error message "Open in OneNote Online".
I have closed all of my Office apps and rebooted twice.  I have deleted OneNote from my Teams and re-added it, but still getting the same errors.
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Just adding a "me too" on this one. It also affects the Graph API for notebooks ( returns a 404)
This is "magically" fixed for me now. Both the API requests and adding a notebook in Teams are working now. Looks like a bug slipped out that they must have squashed.
Looks like mine has 'fixed' itself also! Appreciate the comments :)