OneNote Syncing Issues on Network Share

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I’ve been using shared OneNote notebooks on a shared network drive for a few years and have had absolutely no syncing issues due to corrupt sections. Now in the past couple of months, we are now seeing incomplete syncing issues due to corrupt sections for a couple of recently created OneNote notebooks, one on a shared drive and one on a SP teamsite. When the section becomes corrupt and you click along the top of a page in the section to repair it, it creates a copy in the misplaced section and then syncing continues to try to sync that corrupt section. I’ve deleted the section under misplaced along with the file that ends up in the OneNote recycle bin and that seems to fix it until someone adds more content to that repaired section.

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@Mike Galante, is this an ongoing issue?  I work in IT and some users in my org are starting to share OneNote notebooks on shared network drives since we haven't upgraded to O365 and OneDrive yet.