OneNote sync problem, some pages are missing

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Hi, I have a problem with my OneNote application. I practically made notes on a Galaxy Tab S6, and I wanted to sync them with another tablet, a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. But when I go to the second tablet I find all the pages but not all the contents, in fact in two pages I am given the warning that it was not possible to open that page, while on the Tab S6 the error 0xE0000007 9wgyi comes out. But all the pages are displayed on the Web version of OneNote and on the app for Windows 10, making me think that the notes are in the cloud anyway. Basically, how can I sync my notes on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite or in general on a new tablet? I also tried with other tablets and I can't get these two pages missing. Thanks a lot in advance for the support :)

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Have you tried to create a new page and see if it sync? if yes, maybe it is something related with those specific pages and you could copy the content to a new page to see if it syncs correctly.