OneNote Sync Issues

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Good morning - I am new to the user community so I appreciate your insights and expertise on OneNote. My firm recently rolled out Office 365, which included the online version of OneNote. We're currently running Version 16001.12730.20190.0 and I'm noticing a lot of sync issues with our OneDrive for Business accounts. I'm trying to get just a basic understanding of what the different sync issues are and how to resolve them. I'm noticing different symbols next to the notebook icons but I can't find their meanings anywhere. 


This symbol in particular is one I haven't seen before:



It seems to indicate a sync issue but it doesn't specify the issue. My notebooks don't seem to be syncing as I also see this:



I've tried closing the desktop application and reopening but it doesn't seem to matter. I'm afraid to open the notebook from the online version as it will pull up an older notebook.  


Is there a thread within the community that has more information about syncing issues?


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