OneNote - Sync Error (urgent)

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We are supporting a client who is using OneNote for Windows 10.

The user was using OneNote for Windows 10 but after some issues I switched to OneNote 2016. The user managed to move across most of their old notes but one Page from the old notebook in OneNote for Windows10 will not load.


User has tried opening in OneNote online but get an error message. They have also checked they do not have it open anywhere else and OneNote has been removed from phone to be sure.


Here is the error message




If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated thank you!


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What I'd try is to go to File, Share and remove all shares on that notebook, close the notebook, close Onenote, restart Onenote and reopen the notebook. Does that make any difference?

It might be useful to consult some references on this subject given by Lifewire.

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