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Dear all,


The "Insert Online Video" option is available to all Edu licences in our organisation (Click to Run), but not for Business. It was my understanding that this feature was going to be made available to Business users in June???


I only ask as our teachers have the business version installed, but the students have Click to Run and its actaully the teachers who want to use the feature. 


Does anyone know when everyone will have this feature? 



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I am not sure which Office version you are using, but I am using Proplus 2016 for businesses and that has the Insert Online Video option.


So maybe you should check if there is an update if you are running Office 2016 (CTR). Go to Onenote app (the one from Office), go to File -> Account and then check there how your update option is set.

I have MS Office 365 Pro Plus, The "Insert Online Video" option is available in the Insert Tab

Which version of Office is installed?


This link might help you:



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@Andrew Cornwall not sure if you came right with this one. I had the same problem - however, I have an Office 2016 Pro Plus Educational license. I was looking forward to this feature (inserting video) since it was announced but it never arrived in my version, which is kept up to date with the latest updates.


Eventually I had to uninstall that version and install the click-and-run version. Immediately after installing the click-and-run version, I had all the new features.


It seems that Ms is coercing everyone to move over to Office 365. The latest features may eventually end up in the "old school" version - but it is not a priority for them.