OneNote on Android dropped my Sharepoint Onenote

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Have not looked at my Android Onenote other than my Personal Onedrive OneNote for a bit.  When I went to select my work related Sharepoint Online Notebook it wasnt listed anymore?


The Notebook in question is a OneNote in our corporate Sharepoints Document Library.  It appears that right now only Notebooks in Unified Groups or Sharepoint Sites where I use the integrated OneNote feature on the site are visible.  If I at any point uploaded OneNote files I had created on my local computer to a Document Library on a Sharepoint site I cant use them with the Android App anymore.


What happenned???

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Also.. I don't see Subsite Integrated Notebooks??? I have an IT Subsite off our main corporate Team Site. I no longer see that Notebook in the app and its not showing up in ..More.. Work or personal notebooks list .. Ive shared it with myself.. turned off an on the sharepoint subsites Notebook feature.. still not showing up as a choice..
Not sure why but it just appeared. All I did was Deactivate the notebook on the sub site and reactivate it and also, reshared it with myself.. the Subsites Notebook works. Still don't know how to get to the Notebooks in the documents folder on that subsites documents folder?