OneNote: lost notes

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Hello all,


I lost some notes by moving them out of a group to the next level up:


'my notebook/groupA/NoteA-F'




'my notebook/NoteA-F'


where NoteA-F resembles 6 notes. Therewhile 5 of the notes went missing and I tried to restore them from the 'deleted notes', but it didn't work properly. The notes are there but the content couldn't be restored and the message reads:

Wait while this page is being synchronized....
We are waiting for another device to finish uploading your notes.
The section was last modified on 26/10/2021 16:12.


Well, there is no other device uploading my notes. I already tried the solution from but my backup files have the size of 0 kb.


Can someone help me?

I use OneNote for Windows 10 via OneDrive. 

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