Onenote hangs on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

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I am using OneNote on my laptop as well as Tab S6. While it works well in laptop, it has couple of issues while on S6. First, it keeps hanging, which starts by earlier written text not displaying while you scroll, then the texts not getting attached to the page - just sticking on to the glass. When you scroll, while the page and other contents move, recently written text doesn't move. This slowly leads to a page not opening at all, both in Tab and also on laptop. In a period of last 3 months, I already have such 2 pages.


The above issue occurs more when I use more of my office account. But when I use my personal windows ID, this occurs less frequently. I am worried as this has started again on personal account too. 


Can you please help identify the issue and offer a solution? I have already tried relogging and reinstalling the software, but that doesn't seem to work.


Thanks, Nagendra. 

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