OneNote for Windows 10 sharing not working “Sorry, we're unable to reach the server right now"

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Login with Office 365 account to OneNote for Windows 10 (not OneNote 2016)

I cannot ever share anything




Which is the actual version one is supposed to use?

What's the difference between OneNote and OneNote 2016?


But it seems that one is supposed to ditch 2016 version...


Sharing works if using Personal Microsoft account (which is pure madness!)

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Hi @Sebastian Cerazy -OneNote for Windows 10 is the consumer version that comes with every W10 install regardless of any O365 license. OneNote 2016 has been renamed simply OneNote and is part of the O365 license.


That said, I edit notebooks across both personal and O365 accounts in the W10 app, but I do experience A LOT of connection issues and have to force sync, restart, etc. quite often.