OneNote for windows 10 and Edge- an Academic's wishlist

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The first time i saw onenote on my friend's laptop, as a student, the first thought that came to me, this will be amazing for taking notes in classes. But my undergraduate/class going life was over before Surface pro 4 was launched in India. After entering the post graduate life of a resident doctor, i realised even though the regular classes and occasional seminars are no longer important, but as a man of science, my academic life will probably never end. I will still have to study papers, articles and reference texts for the rest of my life. So, i currently use Edge as my textbook app where i open articles and journals and Onenote for windows 10 as my notebook app, where i scribble down my synopsis and inferences. I had long abandoned the free yet powerful OneNote 2016 as most of the features, as a class going student, i used to care about, like lecture recording and handwriting sync, ink to text and ink to math conversion, were now available in the App version. But the problem was my textbook app and my notebook apps were not connected or linked. Which is extremely important to preserve the context of your notes.

I began searching the net, and found my old friend onenote 2016 always had this feature called linked notes, provided you convert your pdf articles into MSword or powerpoint files. It was compatible with even internet explorer but not with much more capable and reader friendly browser/reader like Edge. Also, in the internet age, many courses are available for free on video communities ike youtube and vimeo, where so many universities and independent content creators upload their knowledge. It will be great, not just to embed these videos, but also take notes synced to specific timestamps in the video, like, how lecture audio recording for classes works in onenote.

So, here's my wishlist-
° Bringing linked notes feature over to OneNote for Windows 10 and extending compatibility to pdf and epub files that can be opened in the Edge browser.
° Ability to sync handwritten notes to specific time stamps in embedded videos.
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Your best bet to get these requests on the radar is to put the feedback for each on UserVoice. There may already be feedback submitted for similar items that you can add votes to showing the Product Group that it is important.