OneNote Classbook - Deamon App

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I've searched, without luck, for a documentation on how to build a deamon app that automatically creates OneNote Classbooks for Unified Groups in Office365. 

Is there a friendly person who can assist with documentation or answer a simple question.


1. Is it possible to automate OneNote Classbooks for Unified Groups by using Azure App only?

 - I've seen solutions that rely on a user authentication, and this is not acceptable in my solution. 


I have tested with Azure App but when I try to list classbooks using this endpoint:



I get the response HTTP ERROR 401. 

This is by using Azure APP authentication ClientId, AppId (secret). 


One thing that "worries" me is that I cannot set application permissions for the Azure APP. There is only delegated permissions. But I could be wrong here, but are those not only used when doing Impersoninations?


I hope there is someone out there with some answers or hints. :)


best regard


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