OneNote backup Restoring Issue

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Dear Community,

When I switched to Windows 10, all data of MS OneNote gone, though I saved the full Backup through >File >export before installation, then after installing the windows 10, and the MS Office of the same year 2013, I clicked the backup file to restore my previous data of OneNote, it’s failed to upload the previous data.

Kindly let me know how to resolve it.

Thanking you so much,


Khawaja Wasim



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@khawaja_Wasim - Were you not storing your OneNote data on OneDrive? (which is its usual default) If you were then you would simply open OneNote (post install) & then just open the Notebook. The data would have been refreshed from OneDrive where it would have been syncing to. Even if you had been saving your data locally (i.e. C:/...) you would only need to open the notebook, not restore!

@Allan Clarke 

Dear Mr. Allan Clark,

Thanking you for the reply. 

Isn't there any solution to restore the previous files? Next I'll sync the files to Onedrive.

Thanking you

Khawaja Wasim