OneNote application not launching/opening (android)

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Hi everyone,


A couple of days ago, my One Note andorid application was opening just fine, however, I have noticed since yesterday that the application simply doesn't launch and remain stuck on the app logo screen.

I tried clearing up the app cache and that didn't help.

Can someone share if they have faced this issue?

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The detailed description Ryan_12 posted was very helpful. It worked great... right up to the point where OneNote auto-updated itself to the broken version because I forgot to disable "Auto Update" per Ryan_12's suggestion.

Save yourself a second re-install, and take that suggestion seriously! Aside from that screwup on my part, it works great.
I can confirm that as of 10/29 I am getting the purple screen of death and cannot even get back into OneNote after a total uninstall after clearing cache and data. So the sticky notes won't work for me as I can't even install it again. Will have to try going to an older version or, since I was converting from Google Keep, just stick with that (but it doesn't let me highlight and format text near as well as OneNote and as an Office265 user, I thought it would be nicer to have it all be Microsoft compatible
I found Evernote's paid personal subscription a pretty good substitute for those who might not be comfortable installing an old version of OneNote. I think the unofficial app source such as Apkpure is pretty low risk though. I decided to go with using the old OneNote app since I need ongoing access to my past customer data, in addition to already being habitually trained to use it. It actually does everything I need it to do pretty well. An email button would be nice. Highlighting text for copy/cut and paste is a little challenging in Android OneNote. Select all doesn't really select all. Both OneNote and Evernote work well on a Win10 PC/laptop too. Highlighting with OneNote behaves strangely on Win10 as well. While trying to select a whole page it misses the odd word visually, yet captures them anyway, as evidenced by the resulting paste. Weird but acceptable. Maybe it's on Microsoft OneNote people's bug fix to do list.

My Samsung Galaxy S8 Active dreams of the exuberant day when it can flawlessly run a OneNote installation. Hopefully before it experiences complete obsolescence or the natural death of its battery. A small ceremony will be needed in all cases. Is it just me or is my battery discharging faster than normal. I can't afford a new phone. Good luck OneNoters. : )

@Ryan_12  yes the battery is discharging faster. Must be something Samsung did to try to increase sales :) 

I ended up downloading the APK from an android police recommended site: and that loaded right up once I gave the phone permission to download from an outside source from play store. Seemed less sketchy than the other one which the phone was more hesitant on....

@Mayteam  Just make sure before you close the app you are on a sticky note.  Then close.  You will not have a problem.  This tip came from someone else in the long chain about this problem.  And it works every time.  Microsoft said they are working on a fix, but they still don't know when it will be available.  But just stay on the sticky note page, close the app, and it always opens up again.

Hello everyone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android version 9. I was having the same problem that everyone else was having here. I was also closing One note from the sticky notes screen. I wrote to Microsoft through the OneNote app in the play store. Someone from Microsoft wrote me back on the 9th of November 2021. He said they made some recent updates to the OneNote app. He suggested I try to use the app again as I normally would. I was worried about trying to open and close the one note app from the notebooks page. But I tried it. I tried it several times. I can finally open and close one note from the notebooks page or from the sticky notes page. The app seems to be fixed. I did not download an earlier version of that. I did not try to download any other version of the app from any other website. I just simply updated the OneNote app from the Android play store. OneNote seems to be working fine again. Good luck everyone.
Hello the one note app is working again after a recent Microsoft update

I can open and close it from any screen now

Kathleen with a Samsung Galaxy S8, Android version 9.

@Kathleen686 Thanks for letting me know. I did the same this morning and it appears to be working fine.  At least Microsoft fixed it!!!!! it just took too long!!!!!

It is fixed!!!!!! It only took them 6 months!!!!!
Cool! In the meantime I have a new phone.... But glad it's now fixed for everyone
Hello the one note app is working again after a recent Microsoft update

I can open and close it from any screen now

Kathleen with a Samsung Galaxy S8, Android version 9.
Mark, love yr Sticky Notes hack. It was really frustrating having to reinstall the app every time I accessed OneNote. Unfortunately Microsoft has not addressed the problem (as far as my android phone is concerned)

@Ivan_dxb still not working for me on older it possible that it is only working on android 11?


I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, Android version 9. Since the Microsoft fix, mid November, the app is working again for me.

I was having this problem only on that phone.

I did not have the problem on my tablet with Android version 10. My tablet was upgraded to Android 12. I still don't have this problem on my tablet with Android 12.

I hope this little bit of information helps