OneNote application not launching/opening (android)

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Hi everyone,


A couple of days ago, my One Note andorid application was opening just fine, however, I have noticed since yesterday that the application simply doesn't launch and remain stuck on the app logo screen.

I tried clearing up the app cache and that didn't help.

Can someone share if they have faced this issue?

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Good to know that it works on a newer device like your tablet running Android 11. I can at least buy something to get back in business, but maybe that's the plan. The Microsoft-Google-Samsung profit machine is up and running. Zero downtime there. : )
Hi Andy_Grayson, thanks for the info. MyTechieRyan also wrote in his message that he is using a Galaxy S8 with Android 9 and now using Hawaii_Mark's Sticky Note solution. So with you and me and the two Ryans that makes at least 4 of us with Galaxy S8, Android 9, with this OneNote bug. Lucky us , lol
Hello again Ryan_12,

before you head out to Best Buy a word of caution. I purchased my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 more or less to use OneNote on a bigger screen. OneNote on my tiny Galaxy S8 screen is a bit of a bother. Imagine my disappointment, after dropping a wad of cash for my new tablet, when I discovered that the OneNote interface on the tablet really sucks. and the OneNote functionality on the tablet is not as great as on my tiny Galaxy S8 screen. So now i have this way too expensive, new gadget (the tablet) and more often than not I still pick up my old Galaxy S8 to read my OneNote pages. The main problem with OneNote on the tablet is that the section names and page names cannot be read. the notebook names, section names and page names are all bunched onto one screen. there are other issues with OneNote on the tablet (android 11) . for now the issue with having to close OneNote on my S8, from sticky notes, is a small issue, compared to struggling to use the app on my tablet. all in all. android 11 is not the answer for OneNote. sadly. i cant tell you how gutted i am at not being able to use OneNote on either device without issues :( I have resorted to dragging my pc out onto the dining room table to use OneNote more easily. i am bummed out :(
Thank you. I appreciate the advice.

Hi all, I'm from the UK and have just started experiencing the same problem with OneNote on my Galaxy S8 with Android 9. Again, Mark's exit-via-sticky-notes strategy works.

I also informed Microsoft about the issue via the 'send feedback' option in the ellipsis menu on the phone app.

I too sent feedback via the on app link, on this apparently device specific fault. My guess is that someone at Microsoft is likely receiving a lot of feedback considering the popularity of the S8. Personally, I consider OneNote an essential part my monthly subscription for Office 365, so my expectations are high for it to be fully functional like the other more seasoned android and desktop applications like word, excel, etc. It would be ideal if Microsoft offered a more structured crash reporting feedback system via each app. I remain optimistic they will find and fix the fault before 2022. Until then here's more feedback since they likely have access to this community "Eff you Microsoft. Eff you Samsung. Your products are failing to support thousands of small businesses everyday day since this fault began, and during a pandemic economic recovery no less. Get it together."
Hello JB_UK
Thanks for reporting the error about one note on our Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9 phones. I do hope MS fixes this soon. From time to time I forget to close the app from Sticky notes. I need to clear the app data and reload ALL my notebooks before I can use the app again. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Very tiresome :frowning_face:
Hello Ryan12
Thanks for getting in touch with MS about this issue. I also use OneNote for my small business and need it to work again soon. I am m also paying for my 365 subscription mostly for OneNote and Excel. I am also not thrilled about paying for a service which is broken now



Not sure if this helps anyone, but I've figured out what seems to trigger this issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and that's using the "Close All" function on the App Switcher (press bottom-right button to open App Switcher, then press "Close All" button at bottom middle).


It does NOT do this if I do either:

  • Use the App Switcher to JUST close OneNote
  • Use the "Sticky Note" workaround documented elsewhere in this thread before doing Close All

I typically do use Close All once or twice a day just to close my usual twenty dozen open apps and start fresh, but I guess maybe that's not such a great idea.

Update: I take that back - it looks like it CAN happen after using the App Switcher to close OneNote only. Just... not every time, as seems to be the case so far with "Close All".

I'm having the same problem. I installed an older version and everything is working normally again. I've disabled automatic updates for OneNote for now. While I wait for Microsoft to fix the app I'll continue to use the older version of the app.
Thanks for sharing. That's not a bad idea. How did you go about installing an older version of OneNote on Android for Samsung Galaxy S8/9? What version works?

I used an alternative app store. Specifically I used APKPure. I installed the version published on August 12th. The version published on September 8th is the one that is broken.

I appreciate the tip. Thanks.
Thanks so much summatix, that seems to be working for me.
Haven't been testing for long, of course.

Notes for others:
(you do this entirely at your own risk)
I also used APKPure as summatix suggested;
searched for OneNote, clicked on the result;
selected the August release and the arm64 architecture version (other versions;
Stopped and uninstalled OneNote from Android settings;
Installed the new (older) version from my downloads folder - had to allow install from this location in Security settings;
Before running the app - I went into Google Play, searched OneNote, clicked on the onenote result, and then went into the menu (3 dots) and disabled "enable auto-update"

Have used the Android "close all" button, shut onenote, reopened a few times - so far, so good.
Thank you for the tip. That has solved the problem. But how do we all get MICROSOFT to respond to the problem and tell us when they will fix it. It has been over 1 month now. since 8 September!!!! I am paying for Office 365!!!
I have given the app a 1 star and described the issue in the Google Play store.
Thanks for the tip summatix, seems to have solved the issue for me too.
I also disabled auto-update in the Play store settings for OneNote.

I also chatted with Microsoft today.  They said they are aware of the problem and their engineers are working on a fix, but they couldn't tell me  when it would be fixed.


You must select Sticky Notes before closing OneNote!

As of October 18, 2021. The version released via Google Play dated October 6 is still broken for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Active phones.

As mentioned by Summatix an older version, 2021-08-12 can be installed from Apkpure.

I vouch fit this fix. Thanks Summatix.

What I did...

I uninstalled OneNote. I cleared the cache and stored data first but I don't think this is necessary.

Using Chrome I went to Apkpure (

I searched for OneNote.

I scrolled down to Previous Versions.

I downloaded the version for ARM64 v8a for Android 6.0+ (120-640dpi). This is the one that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Active architecture. Snapdragon is ARM64.

Once I downloaded the apk it installed automatically. I needed to bravely allow the install as was identified as being from a non-Google Play provider.

The install finished and I ran the program. It didn't automatically add an icon to the android desktop, but it was in the list of apps after install.

It ran and started syncing my hundreds of notes as normal. I gave it a minute. I noticed it didn't prompt me with the traditional initial and uneccesary "Capture, Organize, Get started" prompts at first run.

I tested it by closing it with the notes screen open, then closing all, and then opening it again. It worked three times in a row. When it fails, it does so on the first or second restart, unless the stored data file is deleted.

The most recent version that works is:
2021-08-12 - v. 16.0.14228.20202

The newer versions on ApkPure that don't work as of today, Oct 18, are:
2021-09-18 v. 16.0.14326.20180
2021-10-18 v. 16.0.14430.20254

I tested both newer versions after installing from Apkpure. Both failed the above test.

Note that the latest version 16.0.14430.20254, on Google Play currently shows as having an earlier release date of 2021-10-06. I verified today that this version on Apkpure or Google Play does not work.

I know maybe most have done all this but I tend to err on the side of redundancy and being thorough when I have the time.

If anyone gets wind of that Google Play has an updated versions that is operational please post!

Note that I disabled updates specifically for OneNote by going to Google Play, as recommended by a previous commenter, by running Google Play, searching for and selecting OneNote and selecting the three dots in the top right corner. Uncheck "Auto Update". As mention by another commenter.

One last thing, with the all version I still get the occasional situation where my list of notes is completely blank. I need to select the search tab and then hit the back button to have the list appear. This is likely a different programming bug. Maybe I have too many notes! If anyone from Microsoft is reading this please fixy.
: )

Hi MyTechieRyan, I just noticed that I posted pretty much the same info as you, but the long drawn version. Thanks of posting the TL;DR version. Cheers, other Ryan. : )
Note, the first line up at the top of my post was self referential. A sticky note reminder. That I no longer need. Thanks again Summatix! : )