OneNote application not launching/opening (android)

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Hi everyone,


A couple of days ago, my One Note andorid application was opening just fine, however, I have noticed since yesterday that the application simply doesn't launch and remain stuck on the app logo screen.

I tried clearing up the app cache and that didn't help.

Can someone share if they have faced this issue?

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This is a known issue on OneNote for Android.

You should uninstall the aspp and then reinstall it.

That would solve the problem.


It solved the error for me the last time.

I hope this response help you!




Hi @Abigail05 


Thank you for the reply and suggestion.


Before uninstalling, I wanted to try 'Clear Data' option (Long press on App icon -> App Info -> Clear Data), and it surprisingly worked.




Hi, if you uninstall then reinstall, does your note already saved remain? I dont want to do this incase I lose the saved notes, but at the same time I cant get into them anyway. Any advise or experience is appreciated
Hi, if you uninstall then reinstall, does your note already saved remain? I dont want to do this incase I lose the saved notes, but at the same time I cant get into them anyway. Any advise or experience is appreciated
It happens several times when I try to open onenote on my cell phone with android 9. Every time I have to clean data and cash of Storage. How can I solve the problem permanently
Hi donna_h1966, Your notes should all be safely saved in the cloud on your Microsoft Onedrive. You can verify this by logging into your Onenote account at Normally you can uninstall the app from your phone/computer without deleting your notes from the cloud. Unfortunately reinstalling the app on my phone didn't fix the problem. The only thing that seems to work is to Clean Data in the Onenote app.
Hi Hamid_salari, I think I found a work around. Go ahead and Clear Data so you can start Onenote. Before you close Onenote click on the Sticky Notes button then close Onenote. Onenote will now open normally. If you forget to click on the Sticky Notes button Onenote will break and it wont start again. When this happens you'll need to Clear Data to get Onenote started. I use Onenote everyday and something changed last night. This is a little upsetting.
Mark, you are a genius. Thank you. This fixed it for me - have you tried this Hamid_salari?
This morning my Onenote is working again. I don't need a work around anymore. It looks like something change again last night. Maybe the solution to the problem is to wait a few days and it will fix itself.
Great. It works! Thnx alot for solution
to Hawaii_Mark....Sadly not for me. still broken :( Your Sticky Note solution is the only thing which works
Hello All,

Hawaii_Mark has the answer!!! Aloha Mark :) If you are reading this then save yourself tons of time and listen to Mark. Mark suggests to click on the "Sticky Notes" screen before you close the OneNote app. He is right.

I was having the issue that OneNote was hanging on the logo screen when I tried to open the app on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Android phone. I have been having this issue for the past few days or maybe a week. Before that all was OK. BTW, page conflicts are not the issue. I dont, and never have had, any conflicts in any of my pages. I know that because I have triple checked and I do not have sync issues with any other device or using OneNote on any other device. All my notebooks and pages sync without a problem back and forth from OneDrive online, to and from my computer and to and fro from my tablet (also a Samsung, and also Android). Its just the OneNote app on my phone which started to screw up a few days ago.

If I close the app while on "Sticky Notes" (as Mark suggests) the app opens again without hanging. I could open and close the app several times, without any problem, as long as I closed it from Sticky Notes. Since the app was opening and closing without any issues I was curious to see what would happen if I tried to close the app from the Notebooks screen. Well, as Mark wrote, OneNote 'broke' again. I had to kill the app data, reload and sync my Notebooks all over again. This sucks. Does that mean I will have to ALWAYS remember to close the app, on my Samsung phone, from the Sticky Notes screen???? this cant be!! Yo, Microsoft - what have you done??

BTW, Some background info about my issues and what I tried just in case Hawaii_Mark's solution does not work for you. I followed Microsoft's recommendation several times and it did not solve the problem. This is what they said....

1. sign out of the OneNote app
2. clear the app cache
3. force the app to stop
4. uninstall the app
5. restart the phone
6. reinstall the app
7. start OneNote again and sign into OneNote with MS account again

all of the above did not work

I decided to do all of the above again but also to add step 2.2
2.2 clear the data (not just the cache)

Still no solution.

Hawaii_Mark's idea to exit on the Sticky Note screen was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks again Hawaii_Mark - you are a gem ;)
Hi Donna_H1966 I didnt see a note on here about whether or not you solved the problem with OneNote. Since you wrote just a few days ago I was wondering if all is ok now. Have you tried Hawaii_Mark's work around - closing the OneNote app from the Sticky Notes screen. its the only thing which worked for me. Killing the app data didnt help.
Same issue here in Ontario, Canada. Thanks Hawaii_Mark for discovering the wacky hack work around with the sticky note exit, and Kathleen686 for articulating all of the Microsoft recommended fixes that do not work. FYI, I'm running Android 9 on a Samsung S8 Active (SM-G892U) - Samsung One UI version 1.1. This is a very annoying bug for folks like me who rely on this app for work. I've been copying and pasting from Evernote Free. Yikes. Let's just hope the software gods at Microsoft come up with a patch pronto. Cheers.
Thanks Hawaai_Mark. Your graceful, yet sticky, exit will keep me limping along until they patch it. I was starting to feel like I was the only one on Earth with this exact problem. I too use OneNote everyday, mostly for my business, and this bug was a total thorn in my side. Coffee is on me. Cheers.

My "note to self" bug reminder in OneNote about OneNote...





This issue started for me about 10 days ago (7/9/2021). I tried clearing cache, restarting the app, restarting the device, etc. though that only resolved the issue for one use of OneNote, at which point the process needed to be repeated.
I uninstalled and reinstalled OneNote, same problem.
As I use OneNote extensively for work and personal - when I am away from my laptop, I access it on my mobile dozens of times an hour.
I couldn't be restarting my phone every time I needed to access OneNote.
So I resorted to a factory reset of my Galaxy S8, running Android v9.
Sadly, the issue has persisted, as described here by everyone else.
Hawaii_Mark's suggestion of switching to the 'sticky notes' tab before closing does work and is a useful workaround. Thanks Mark.
Hoping Microsoft fixes it soon though... as I don't always remember to switch (and shouldn't have to).
Hello Ryan_12,
I love your sticky note reminder to yourself about closing the OneNote app from the sticky notes screen. Lol :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
Just so you know. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (SM-P615) tablet, with Android 11, One UI 3.1. OneNote opens and closes, from any screen (notebooks and sticky notes) without any problems at all. OneNote on my PC also works fine.
I also have a Samsung phone, similar to yours, which has the OneNote problem. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F) with Android 9, One UI Version 1.0. I am also from Ontario but live in Europe.
It would be interesting to know if the other people who are having the same OneNote issue are also having the problem on a phone with Android 9.
Or maybe it's just Canadians with Samsung phones with Android 9 who are struggling with OneNote - all of a sudden. lol
Samsung galaxy s8, android 9 - yep, I have this onenote problem and yes the sticky notes workaround works around it!