OneNote access to handwritten transcription and related Timestamps

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Hallo my request is not a product trouble shooting request. Therefore, I do not need help from 1st-3rd Level support. My request is related to an advanced team who know the background of OneNote.


Basically, my question is as follow.


How can I access to the index files of handwritten notes? I guess that a handwritten notes are automatically transcribed (to be able to search for it) in the background of OneNote and indexed for search. This index files should have time stamps (date, time) for each handwritten note.


I need to access those time stamps of single handwritten notes so that I can synchronize them with time stamps of video, audio... capturing through MS LiveStream or MS VideoIndexer.


Are there API's available to access those data?


I'm looking forward getting some feedback


BR and thanks for the help



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