OneNote 365 "Keep Text Only" as default paste option no longer available

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OneNote 365 "Keep Text Only" as default paste option no longer - Microsoft Community feedback suggested.


Currently, after each copy paste from Webpages, the pasted colors (fill and font color) don't contrast enough on OneNote Page.

To make them visible, I have two options:

  1. modify colors (fill and font)
  2. add Paste Text to QAT; IMHO, there are two disadvantages.
    1. footprint on QAT compromising ease of using other QAT shortcuts
    2. slower to find, point and click on QAT than Ctrl-V

However, Microsoft must have reason for removing paste Text as default. There must be a better paste method...

Questions on how to avoid manually change color of pasted content:

  1. Ctrl-V paste text ? Or
  2. setup OneNote page color ?
  3. alternatives such as VBA?



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I tried following & wish Paste user-friendly as iPhone; from my experience so far, I prefer a shortcut for Paste-Merge Formatting. But Microsoft must have chosen Ctrl-V fixed at Paste-Source for good reason.
My question, now knowing default is fixed, is how to simplify paste into
single step preferrably not via QAT
Note taking App , IMHO, Copy-Paste heavily used.
How to paste HTML into OneNote 365 which I have start using but finding myself reformatting content which is not visible. Thanks.
Until WebClipper Extension for Edge is approved in my Environment, Paste to Office Word is less hassle; is it because OneNote not yet capable of Paste_HTML ? I cannot easily switch channel to OneNote 2016; so it looks like Word is better choice when copying Webpages....still 8-step operation.
Copying Webpage relevant content (text and image) is at least 8-steps operation. My method:
1. Select content from Webpage
2. Open app that extracts text from HTML
3. Paste HTML into app
4. Copy text from app
5. Paste text to OneNote 
6. Switch to Webpage
7. select image to copy
8. paste image into OneNote
repeat steps 7 above for next image