OneNote 2019's About Tab says 2016 instead of 2019, after two fresh installations.

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I recently upgraded from the 2016 version of Office Pro Plus to the 2019. And after a mostly successful installation, the Account Page for all the programs are fine and say "2019" like they should do, but the problem is that the text in the header of the *About Tab on the hosting *Account Page of OneNote says "2016" instead of "2019".


I tried the “Quick Repair”, (available in the Control Panel’s Programs and Features) via the right-click menu. However, this did not fix the problem. So next I tried the “Online Repair”. And that not only did NOT fix the problem, it also completely UN-installed Office and never did anything else after that. I also used CC Cleaner's tools like the registry cleaner several times as well.


But unfortunately, after re-installing the entire 2019 Office Pro Plus Suite again, and again all the other programs in the office suite still all correctly say “2019” - on BOTH the heading of the *Account Page as well as in the *About Tab, only OneNote is still having this problem, wherein the header of the About Tab says “2016” but in the header at the top of the Account Page that hosts it correctly says “2019”.


Yet, surprisingly, despite the incorrect 2016 in the heading of the About Tab, the fine print in the text box of the About Tab correctly says 2019, (as do all the other programs in this suite as well).


To summarize: ALL THE OTHER programs in my Office Pro Plus 2019 correctly and say “2019” on BOTH the *Account Page Header as well as in the *About Tab Header, and only the OneNote program has the problem of saying “2019” on the *Account Page Header but conversely says” 2016” in the *About Tab on the same page. And furthermore, ALL programs INCLUDING OneNote, correctly say “2019” in the fine print of the text box below the header of the About Tab.


And, after using both versions of the Repair Tool (via the right-click menu in the Programs and Features of the Control Panel) they did not fix the issue: The only thing that happened using those tools was that the online version of the  repair tool totally un-installed office. So I had to manually reinstall it, but it did not fix anything.


As you can see in the following screenshot images:





Also of note, all the starting Splash Screens that come up with the starting of a program all say “2019” below the programs' names, except OneNote, which does not say anything below the program’s name. Please see the screen shots:



Is this a bug or a typo? Is this something I should be concerned about or not? I am somewhat concerned because this new 2019 installation of Office looks exactly the same of my previous 2016 version of the same. However, I have not yet had the opportunity to look too closely for any differences in Menus, etc.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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