OneNote 2016 on Mac

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Is there not a way for OneNote 2016 Mac users to save OneNote without having OneDrive enabled?

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Where would you like to save your OneNote notebook file?


Do you have a paid Office 365 subscription (if so, which one) or are you using the free version of OneNote 2016?


(Your answers will help me answer your question!) 




Looking to save locally.  Using paid version with Office ProPlus under e4.  Our experience is you have to sign-in to create a new notebook, and then if you try to save, the location box won't let you enter in any information. Only if you enable OneDrive for the user, then it will allow you to save.

Hey @Marjolein Hoekstra, do you have experience with using OneNote for Mac?


It's my understanding that there is no way to avoid having to sign-in at this time... however I don't have access to a Mac to test it out (which I prefer to do before making a statement) so hoping you may have some insight to share with Erin.

Hi @Erin Scupham - I double checked with my fellow OneNote MVP, Marjolein, because, to be honest, I found the answer hard to believe.


You cannot store notebooks locally on a Mac.


I did find this feature request already posted to the OneNote User Voice:


I recommend you get your entire team to go and vote to boost the request higher up the list because the Microsoft OneNote team checks the User Voice site to see what features the community wants them to work on.


Thanks for the follow-up!  I will put my vote on user voice.