Onenote 2016 middle wheel mouse button does note working

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just a while ago, i use middle mouse wheel button to scroll or move pages 

but suddenly i can not use it 

it's because the updates? 

i can use wheel button scroll in chrome and other application, such as exels ....

but not just in onenote any body know how i can solve this?


same issue 

Mouse Middle Button Scroll Not Working in Onenote



I'm having a issue with my mouse in Onenote. In most applications on my computer if I press the scroll wheel down, aka mouse button 3, the cursor changes to several arrows and whichever way I move my mouse it scrolls that way. This works in Chrome, Word, Excel. It does not work in Onenote and I cannot figure out how to enable it. All my mouse drivers are up to date. Since it is only an issue in some programs (it does not work in file explorer either) I assume its an issue in either Windows 10 or Onenote.


I'm on a Razerblade Advanced 15 Mid 2019 with a Logitech G700s mouse.


Is there any way to fix this in Onenote? Especially since it works in other parts of Office? Or am I out of luck?




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